Have A Garage Door That's Crooked? 5 Tips For Repairing It

Posted on: 9 September 2020

Is your garage door a bit crooked and not resting evenly on the floor when it is closed? If so, you'll need to take some steps to try to repair it. You can either hire a professional to do it for you or attempt to repair it on your own. Here are some tips if you try the DIY repair method. Understand The Problem The reason that your garage door is crooked is likely because the cables on each side of the door are not tightened evenly.
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Useful Tips for Purchasing a New Garage Door

Posted on: 5 August 2020

If you have a garage door that is no longer in great shape and doesn't work as it should, you may need to replace it entirely. This investment can work out in your favor if you keep in mind the following tips. 1. Select a Material In terms of longevity, one of the more important factors to weigh when looking for a new garage door is material. You have several options to consider, such as wood, steel, and aluminum.
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Garage Door Selection And Installation Tips

Posted on: 15 July 2020

When your home includes a garage, the appearance and condition of the garage and its door can have a big impact on your property's overall appearance and value. You don't want to have your garage door looking weather worn, faded, and dented, but instead choose a garage door that will last many years and look sharp as an improvement on your home. Here are some recommendations when selecting a new garage door for your home and its appearance.
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Four Signs Your Garage Door Or Opener Needs Repair

Posted on: 10 June 2020

Outside of routine maintenance, garage doors don't typically need a lot of work. When a door no longer functions the way it should or if there are obvious signs of physical or operational problems, it may need repairs to restore it to full functionality before it gets worse. Here are four signs to look out for. Water Coming Into Garage Garage doors seal off your garage with the help of weatherstripping, a weatherproof trim or adhesive that prevents water and air from getting in under or around the sides of the doors.
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