Common Causes of a Garage Door that Won't Open and How to Repair It

Posted on: 19 February 2024


Have you ever found yourself rushing out of the house only to discover that your garage door won't open? Or maybe you've come home late at night, only to find your garage completely inaccessible? If you have, you know how frustrating it can be to deal with a garage door that won't open. This blog post will explore some common causes of garage door problems and provide some tips on how to fix them.

Broken Springs

One of the most common causes of a garage door that won't open is broken springs. The springs in your garage door play an important role in its overall functionality. They help balance the weight of the door so that it can be opened and closed smoothly. If one of these springs breaks, it can be difficult or impossible to open the door. To repair this issue, you'll need to call a professional technician to replace the broken springs.

Misaligned Sensors

If your garage door opener is equipped with sensors, they might be contributing to the problem. These sensors are designed to detect obstacles in the path of the door and prevent it from closing on them. If they become misaligned, however, they can prevent the door from opening. Try realigning the sensors and see if that helps. If it doesn't, call a technician for help.

Damaged Roller Tracks

The roller tracks in your garage door guide the rollers as the door moves up and down. If they become damaged or bent, the door won't be able to open properly. You'll need to inspect the tracks to see if there's any damage. If there is, replace the damaged tracks to ensure proper garage door functionality.

Broken Cables

The cables in your garage door help lift the door when it's opened and keep it in place when it's closed. If one of these cables breaks, it can cause the door to become stuck or fall suddenly. This is a serious safety hazard, and you'll need to call a technician to repair it as soon as possible.

A garage door that won't open can be a major inconvenience, but there are often simple solutions to fix the issue. By understanding the common causes of garage door problems, you can better diagnose the issue and take steps to remedy it. If you're ever unsure about the cause of your garage door problem, it's always best to call a professional garage door repair technician for assistance.