When To Consider New Springs On Your Garage Door

Posted on: 25 August 2023


Modern garage door systems typically use a torsion spring system that reduces the weight of the door when opening or closing it. The spring looks like a large coil spring and sits over the door, and over time these springs can begin to wear and eventually crack or break, requiring replacement. Hiring a door company to install new garage door springs is often your best course of action, but determining when to call them is essential. 

Slow Opening Doors

One of the first signs that your garage door springs may be worn and in need of replacement is a door that opens excessively slowly. Often the spring will begin to fatigue over time and is unable to provide the necessary lift to ensure the door opens properly. 

After cycling many times, the tension may need to be adjusted, or the entire spring replaced to restore normal movement of the door. The garage door company you are working with can test the springs to determine if they are serviceable or if replacement garage door springs are necessary. 

Cracked Or Broken Springs

Cracked or broken torsion springs are another problem that should be dealt with immediately. Often the cracks will show up on the surface of the coils before they break, and a garage door spring repair service can inspect them for you. 

Once the spring cracks or breaks, the only option is to replace it with a new set of springs. Because most doors have two springs over the door, one may still work. However, the added strain put on the undamaged spring is often enough to cause premature wear. 

Replace both garage door springs together for the best performance and to ensure they have the same service life for your door. 

Professional Installation

There are torsion springs available that you can purchase for your garage door. However, these garage door springs are under significant pressure, so a professional door installer or someone with experience must remove and install your new garage door springs. 

If the process is done incorrectly, the spring can come loose suddenly, and the potential for injuries is extremely high. Setting the tension to ensure the spring works efficiently is crucial, but it is just as important that the springs are not over-tightened when installed. 

Using a professional garage door company to replace door springs is often the easiest, safest, and most cost-effective option. The door company can also ensure you have the right door springs on the door and increase the size to add more lifting power if necessary.  

For more info about garage door springs, contact a local company.