Garage Door Openers 101: Common FAQs

Posted on: 18 February 2020


The garage door opener has a big job to do. There is nothing more convenient than rolling into your driveway and hitting a button to give yourself and your vehicle immediate access to your home. However, many homeowners rarely stop to consider which garage door opener will be the best for their home. When it comes down to it, there are multiple types of openers out there for your garage door, and not every one will offer the same features. Here is a look at some of the common questions about garage door openers you should be asking. 

What is the difference between a chain and belt-drive system?

A chain drive system has a chain that is wrapped around the main drive. The belt-drive system is controlled with a belt. The belt-drive system tends to be quieter and smoother than a chain-drive system. However, the chain-drive system can also be a bit more durable because the belts on a belt-driven opener frequently have to be replaced. Likewise, chain-drive systems can often be more suitable for doors that are heavier weight. For example, double-hung carriage style doors may need a chain drive system for the proper support.

Do all garage door openers have motion-activated lights?

Most modern garage door openers do have motion-activated lights. These lights will automatically come on when the motion inside the garage is detected as your vehicle moves through, which can be really convenient. 

Are garage door openers hard to install?

Garage door openers can be a bit tedious to install, and it is best to trust the installation to a professional. Connecting the garage door's unit to the power in your garage may include connecting some wires. Some units do have a standard plug-in that you connect to an outlet. The unit has to be properly mounted, which can also be a complicated process. If it is not mounted correctly, it can affect how well the opener is capable of opening the door. 

Can you get a smart garage door opener?

You actually can get an opener that has smart features. These doors are designed to connect to the WiFi network in the home so you can perform certain actions using your smartphone or mobile device. For example, you can get on your phone and close the door if you leave it open or remotely open the door if someone needs to get into your home and you are not there. 

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