Open Wide: 3 Styles Of Airplane Hangar Doors

Posted on: 26 February 2020


An airplane is an expensive investment. The hangar that houses it is almost as important as the airplane itself because it needs to keep the vehicle safe from the elements at all times but also easy to access. Choosing the right style of door for your hangar can be tricky. It's important to put in your due diligence while researching options because if you need to get hangar doors fast, there will be no time to hem and haw over which door is best. Here are a few of the advantages and disadvantages of the three types of hangar doors.  

Hydraulic Swinging Door

The hydraulic swinging door raises from a vertical position and swings outward to a completely horizontal position using a hydraulic lift system. One of the benefits of the door is that, once raised, it allows for total clearance through the opening of your hangar. It also functions like a canopy, providing shade and protection from the elements outside the hangar bay. Also, if your hangar has a fairly large opening, these systems can easily handle the weight of a large, heavy door. However, hydraulic systems need consistent maintenance, so that's something to keep in mind when making your choice.

Bi-Fold Door

Another option for your hangar bay is a bi-fold door. As the name suggests, the bi-fold has two sections that fold together to create an opening into your bay. The engineering of the bi-fold puts less stress on the hangar than the hydraulic swinging door, even adding strength to the building, and it's also ideal for extreme climates because it can withstand the force of high winds. Also, because the door lifts upward instead of outward, it saves space in the front of the building. Bi-folds are reliable and long-lasting.

Bottom Sliding Door

The third option in hangar doors is the bottom-sliding door. These doors are best used for commercial purposes in which the hangar bay is so large that it can't support the weight of any type of hanging door, whether that be the hydraulic swinging or the bi-fold. A door that large is too much weight for any hydraulic system. They also require less maintenance because the system of a bottom sliding door is much simpler than any lifting or folding hydraulic system. If powered, most bottom sliding doors use a simple electric-assisted motor to power the chain drive and drive wheel. It can also endure massive winds and extreme weather conditions.

If you'd like to get hangar doors fast, reach out to a local hangar door business in your area.