Garage Door Selection And Installation Tips

Posted on: 15 July 2020


When your home includes a garage, the appearance and condition of the garage and its door can have a big impact on your property's overall appearance and value. You don't want to have your garage door looking weather worn, faded, and dented, but instead choose a garage door that will last many years and look sharp as an improvement on your home. Here are some recommendations when selecting a new garage door for your home and its appearance.

Select a Material and Consider the Maintenance

There are a few different types of materials you can look at for a new garage door. You can look for a garage door made of fiberglass, wood, composite, steel, or aluminum.

If you want to have a garage door with a traditional style and made of wood, which requires a great deal of maintenance to keep it looking nice for its lifespan, you can opt for a composite wood garage door. A composite wood can be stained or painted and looks like real wood, but it resists aging, rotting, and splitting from the weather. Aluminum can be made to have the same texture and pattern of a wood grain and it does not have the same upkeep as wood, which makes it a low maintenance option.

Another great option for your garage door is to select one made of steel. Steel is a more durable material than aluminum and is not going to oxidize like aluminum can. A garage door made of steel can have the look of a solid wood door with a bit more durability than aluminum. Just make sure you select a thicker gauge steel, such as 24 rather than 25 or 26. This more durable steel will not dent as easily as a thinner one will.

Choose Specific Features

With the choice in a new garage door, you can also choose the level of insulation for your garage door. If you live in a northern climate that has low temperatures in the winter, a garage door with insulation installed on your home will keep your garage space warmer. Then, if you live in a southern area, a garage door with insulation can help keep out the sun's heat from inside your garage.

Do you want windows on your garage? This is another option you can select from prior to its installation. If you choose windows, you might want them only along the top panels of the garage to help with privacy and security. Your garage door installation professional can recommend some attractive and functional options for your garage and home.

Request a Professional Estimate

Once you have a good idea of the type and style of garage door, be sure you hire a professional to order your garage door specific to your garage. They can take specific measurements of the door opening, the inside height of the garage ceiling to install the opener properly, and the garage door track installation. Then, when your door has been ordered they can make sure it is installed appropriately. When you're ready, contact a garage door installation company, like Libby's Expert Door Installations, near you.