Can I Fix My Own Garage Door Spring?

Posted on: 16 November 2020


While several homeowners enjoy doing their own repairs and maintenance around the house, there are a few things that should be left in the hands of a trained professional. Working on your garage door spring is one such activity for the reasons that are outlined below. If your spring has snapped or is in a state of disrepair, contact a company that handles garage door repair to get it looked at immediately. 


You may not realize it, but working on the spring in your garage door is one of the most dangerous activities that you can do as a homeowner. Whether you have a torsion or extension spring, the fact remains that both of those devices are under an extreme amount of pressure and can snap with even the slightest bit of malfunction. If that happens, it can cause catastrophic damage to anything or anyone that is standing nearby. Even if the spring itself doesn't hurt you, the garage door will simultaneously drop due to the loss of tension and can crush whatever happens to be underneath it. You should leave any kind of repair work that needs to take place on your spring in the hands of a professional garage door company.


Working on a garage door spring is substantially more complex than working on most any other system inside your house. The tools and materials that you need cannot be bought at your local hardware store, and even if you're able to somehow procure them from a dealer, you'll be paying market rates for the materials that a garage door company usually buys at much cheaper. This doesn't take into account the cost of future repairs that may come about as the results of a faulty DIY job, which could cost you hundreds of dollars as the garage door repair company will not only have to fix the original problem, but whatever else needs to be done as well. No matter which way you slice it, hiring a professional to work on your garage door spring is cheaper than doing it yourself.


In order for your garage door to function, that spring needs to be under just the right amount of stress to make it drop slowly to the ground and then come back up without too much force on either side. Working on a garage door spring usually requires two people: one to work on the spring, while the other watches the spring and the door for any issues. If the door doesn't lower properly, it could damage the door, and if it's not sealed all the way at the bottom, there could be a substantial loss of energy as the air escapes underneath the door. People who work on garage doors on a regular basis know how to get this job done right the first time, so if you want to make the most of your door, let them handle this job for you. Contact a garage door repair service for more information.