3 Ways A Technician Can Help Install Your Garage Door Opener

Posted on: 8 November 2021


One of the garage door parts that most homeowners overlook is the garage door opener. However, this is a crucial part of your door, which is why professional installation is vital for better efficiency. Due to the risks involved during the garage door opener installation process, it's best to let an experienced technician handle it. So, here are a few ways a technician will ensure proper garage door opener installation.

1. They will test the opener's operational efficiency

Once a technician installs your garage door opener, they'll check whether the door operates as it should. They'll do this by placing one foot on the door handle and using the remote control to close the door. As the door approaches the foot, it should stop with less pressure. This test is designed to prevent any risk of injuries. If the door opens and then stops mid-way, the technician can adjust the garage door force by adjusting the nuts and screws on the opener.

2. They'll help you select the right garage door opener

Knowledgeable technicians have undertaken many garage door opener installation projects and are familiar with different door opener types. Most garage door opener technicians know the right horsepower for different kinds of garage doors. In addition, they can advise you on the ideal operation mechanism to consider. For instance, if you reside above your garage, your technician may advise that you install belt drives, especially rubber belts, as they operate quietly. On the other hand, if you're looking for something cost-effective with the least maintenance, they may recommend screw drives.

3. They will assess whether the opener installed needs replacement

Some homeowners seek the help of a garage door opener technician when the door isn't closing or opening as it should. However, this could sometimes be a result of damaged components. So, before any installation can begin, your technician will assess your garage door issue and advice on the need for garage door opener installation. For instance, if the door has a noisy operation or opens slowly, you could have a broken or loose roller. On the other hand, when it opens halfway, your torsion spring may need adjusting. Once a technician ascertains that none of these issues are causing your garage door problem, your opener may have malfunctioned, and a new one needs to be installed.

A garage door opener can be challenging to install. So, to ensure that your door is operating safely and effectively, you should work with an experienced technician.

For more information on garage door opener installation, contact a professional near you.