Factors Affecting The Cost Of Garage Door Installation

Posted on: 27 May 2022


Installing the right garage door is essential to keep your fleet of vehicles and home safe. Nevertheless, you need to follow a reasonable garage door installation budget to keep your finances in check. But, to achieve this, you should understand the various cost factors to consider. Here is more info about the factors influencing the cost of installing a garage door.

Operation Mechanism

Garage doors use different operation mechanisms, including:

  • Manual: These garage doors have fewer parts and mainly have a sliding system that allows the door to slide open when you push the door upwards. Manual doors close when you pull them downward. Usually, manual garage doors fetch lower purchase prices. Also, manual doors require less maintenance, reducing maintenance expenses.

  • Automatic: Automatic garage doors have moving parts like motors and torsion springs that facilitate automated garage door opening and closing. Additionally, automatic doors usually come with advanced features, including safety features that prevent injuries during operation in case of a malfunction. Hence, the purchase and maintenance costs of automatic doors are usually higher than that of manual doors.

You should understand the pros and drawbacks of the different garage door opening mechanisms and choose a convenient and affordable option for you.


Garage door installation designs may be complex or simple. Manufacturers spend more time producing complex garage door designs and may charge more for these. Besides, you can order a custom design. Custom garage door designs are usually authentic, high-quality, and functional since you provide the exact specifications you desire. Therefore, manufacturers may use special equipment and spend more time on manufacturing custom garage door designs. Hence, you'll pay more for a custom garage door than for a ready-made design.


Garage doors are available in different sizes and designs. However, every door comes at a special price. Ideally, the larger the garage door, the more materials the manufacturer uses during the manufacturing process. Hence, large garage door installations usually cost more than smaller ones. Nevertheless, ensure that you select the correct garage door size that perfectly fits your garage.


Garage doors come in different materials, including:

  • Wood. Wooden garage doors tend to cost more because of their unique features. For instance, wooden garage doors can add a rustic appeal to your building. However, wooden doors have high maintenance needs. 

  • Metal. Metal doors are durable and boost the security of your garage door installation. These doors also require less maintenance than wood doors. So, a metal garage door may cost more than a wood door.

Understanding the pros and cons of different materials and their costs can help you select the ideal garage door that meets your functional needs and budget limit.

The common factors influencing garage door installation include the door's material, size, design, and operation mechanism. Consider these factors to estimate your garage door installation budget accurately.