5 Tips for Picking Out the Best Garage Side Entry Door

Posted on: 10 August 2022


The side entry door of your garage's primary purpose is to make it easier to pop inside without dealing with the large overhead door, but it is also a design feature of the home. Choosing the right door is a must for security, appearance, and functionality.

1. Material Type

When it comes to entry doors, there are four main material options — metal, wood, fiberglass, and vinyl. Metal, particularly steel, is lightweight and durable enough to provide a secure option. Solid wood can also be a good fit for a side door, as it too is strong and hard to break through. Vinyl and fiberglass are low-maintenance options, but are only suitable if they are reinforced for security.

2. Core Construction

Avoid hollow core doors, as these aren't suitable for entry for reasons that include security and insulation. Solid wood doors are both secure and naturally insulating. Fiberglass or vinyl doors will need a metal or wood core to provide security. Metal doors are secure enough, but a core of insulation is a must, particularly for attached garages where heat loss can result in higher energy bills.

3. Fire Rating

A fire-rated door can be a good investment, especially if your garage houses a shop or other area containing flammable items. It's almost a must if the door opens up on a breezeway that connects the garage to the home. These doors are heavy enough to slow or even prevent the spread of flames in the event of a fire, which helps keep your home and family safer.

4. Opening Style

Most residential garage entry doors are basic swinging doors, although roll-up doors are an option if you have such a need. Generally, a door that opens outward is preferred over inward, especially if you have a smaller garage where space for vehicles is at a premium. Further, opt for a door that is self-closing so you won't have to worry about accidentally leaving it open.

5. Design Options

Side entry doors are a pretty prominent feature for homes, especially if the side door faces a road or sidewalk. No matter the material or extra features, there will be several designs to choose from. Not only can you choose from a variety of colors or even opt for a custom color if it's a wood or metal door, but you can also choose the design. Paneled doors, decorative work, and windows are all options to explore.

Contact an entryway door service to learn more about the types of entry doors that are available.