3 Dangers Of Damaged Garage Door Cables

Posted on: 15 November 2022


Garage doors use threaded cables made of galvanized steel to support the weight of the door. The strain of repeated use and environmental factors, such as high humidity, may cause your garage door cables to fray or corrode over time.

Neglecting to repair garage door cables puts the door at risk of falling if the cables were to snap completely. Regular professional maintenance can help you avoid these three dangers of damaged garage door cables.

1. Risk of Injury 

Automatic door openers make garage doors look relatively lightweight and easy to move. In reality, most steel garage doors weigh between 100 and 200 pounds. This is certainly enough weight to cause injury to any people or pets who are caught beneath a falling garage door.

Many modern garage door systems have sensors that are designed to detect obstructions beneath the door. Unfortunately, your garage door opener may not be able to stop the door effectively if the cables are damaged. Repairing your garage door cables ensures that the safety system will work properly if the door isn't clear when it shuts.

2. Garage Door Failure

Replacing a garage door is always more costly than simply replacing the cables. Even though steel is used in the construction of most modern garage doors, they can still sustain irreversible damage from an unmitigated fall. Calling a garage door contractor when you notice damage on your cables can save you from an expensive door replacement.

3. Damage to Your Driveway or Vehicle

If a cable snaps, your garage door will fall hard onto the concrete below. A falling garage door can land with enough force to cause concrete flaking or cracking between your garage and driveway. Without repair, this concrete damage may spread further into your driveway or garage if moisture is allowed to seep into the cracks.

As you might imagine, a falling garage door can also do a number on your vehicle. If your car is caught in the threshold of your garage when the door falls, you could be faced with a broken windshield or a major dent in the roof. Maintaining garage door cables prevents unnecessary damage to your property around your garage door.

If your garage door doesn't open and shut smoothly or the cables appear frayed, rusted, or loose, it could be time to replace them. Schedule an inspection from a garage door repair contractor to investigate these issues before any further damage occurs.

Contact a local garage door repair service to learn more.