How To Tell Your Garage Door Needs Repair Before It Quits

Posted on: 23 February 2023


So often, homeowners find that their garage door openers have quit working, and then they call a garage door repair company. This is definitely the right person to call if your garage door quits. However, there are many instances in which you could have called them sooner had you known which early signs to watch out for. The following are signs your garage door is starting to struggle and requires repairs before it quits completely.


A garage door should go up and down smoothly in its tracks. If it is rattling around and making a racket as it opens and closes, then something is up. The tracks might need to be adjusted, or the chain for the opening mechanism may need to be tightened. Rattling only tends to cause parts to loosen up more and more over time, so don't ignore this issue.

Squeaking and Squealing

Does your garage door make a squealing or high-pitched squeaking noise when it opens and closes? This could be due to a lack of lubrication allowing various parts to rub together. It could also be because a belt in the motor of the opener is frayed or worn. A garage door repair contractor can take a look. This may be a good time for them to also perform a maintenance service. Generally, during a maintenance service, they will tighten everything up and lubricate all the moving parts. This will often take care of the squealing and keep friction from causing any parts to break.

Opening Again After Closing

Does your garage door close all the way and then try to open up again if you don't catch it in time or hit the close button again? This kind of behavior suggests something is wrong with the adjustments to the opener. It may be programmed incorrectly. There could also be an issue with the torsion spring. If it is stretched out, for instance, it may be allowing the door to drop down too far before closing it up again. This issue could lead to damage to the bottom of your garage door if not addressed, so call for repairs sooner rather than later.

If your garage door stops working, definitely call a repair company. But in most cases, you should not have to wait for the door to stop working completely before you make that call. Keep an eye out for the smaller issues listed here.

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